Code of Conduct

Last Updated: 13.10.2023

Welcome to our fantastic community DevsForDevs! 🌟 To make sure everyone has a great time here, we've set up a few guidelines to help us all get along, both online and during any in-person events related to our community. Here's our commitment:

Our Pledge 🤗

As the guardians of this community, we promise to create an open and inviting space for all, no matter who they are. 🌍 That includes age, body size, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, experience level, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, and sexual identity and orientation – we're here for everyone! 💪

Our Standards 🙂

We're all in this together, so let's build something awesome! We encourage you to:

  • Use friendly and inclusive language. 😊
  • Respect diverse viewpoints and experiences. 🙌
  • Use people's preferred pronouns and gender-neutral language when in doubt. 🌟
  • Embrace constructive criticism with open hearts. 🌻
  • Prioritize the community's well-being. 🏆
  • Show understanding and kindness to fellow community members. 🤗
  • Give credit where it's due and remember to cite sources. 📚
  • AI content is tolerated on our platform! Times changes guys 😀

Unacceptable Behavior 😕

Let's keep the vibes positive and welcoming. Here's what we'd rather steer clear of:

  • Using any kind of inappropriate language or images, especially when it's sexual or makes someone uncomfortable. 😣
  • Hate speech, discrimination, or any form of prejudice – that's not our style. 🙅‍♂️
  • Stirring the pot, throwing insults, or getting personal and political in a not-so-nice way. We're all about rising above that! 🚀
  • Harassing anyone, publicly or privately, is a big no-no. Respect personal boundaries. 🛡️
  • No sharing of someone's private information without asking for their permission. 🤐
  • Plagiarism and misusing others' work – we're all about originality and respect! 📝
  • Any behavior that wouldn't fly in a professional setting – let's keep it classy. 🎩
  • Let's support each other and avoid dismissing or attacking inclusion-oriented requests. 🌈

Enforcement 🚀

If you come across any behavior that doesn't align with our Code of Conduct, give us a shout! You can report it easily using our dedicated "/report" URL. Just head there and let us know what's going on – we'll jump right on it!

Our moderators have the power to remove comments or contributions that don't follow this Code of Conduct. They can also temporarily or permanently suspend members who are not playing nice. Let's be excellent to each other! 🌟

We're all about putting the safety of marginalized individuals first. If someone has concerns about:

  • So-called 'reverse' -isms.
  • Clear communication of boundaries like 'leave me alone.'
  • Refusing to explain or debate social justice concepts.
  • Criticizing oppressive behavior or assumptions.

We've got your back! 🌟

Attribution 🙏

This Code of Conduct is inspired by some wonderful sources: